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2/5/15 Sexiest Man of the Year

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Thursday, February 5, 2015
"Fifty Shades of Grey" star JAMIE DORNAN is the Sexiest Man of the Year, according to a readers' poll by "Glamour UK".  He's followed by BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH and TOM HIDDLESTON, who plays Loki in the Marvel movies.
Here are the latest tabloid rumors about BRUCE JENNER's alleged "transformation":  First, he supposedly wants to be called BELINDA . . . because "Inside, he has always been Belinda."  Second, KIM KARDASHIAN knew about Bruce's secret first, because she caught him stealing her "expensive French lingerie."
"OK!" magazine says Jennifer Lawrence is still in touch with her ex Nicholas Hoult, because Chris Martin is still close with HIS ex, Gwyneth Paltrow.  A source says, quote, "She's hedging her bets and playing a bit of a game."
A little more, confusing, information on Bobbie Kristina is out. Members of WHITNEY HOUSTON's family had a restraining order against BOBBI's supposed "husband" Nick Gordon.  Meanwhile, Bobbi and Nick were reportedly trying to have a baby and, just days before she was found in that bathtub, Bobbie had sent a series of frantic text messages to a friend about the deep loss she still felt over her mother's death. 

2/4/15 Bobbie Kristina Latest

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015
GWEN STEFANI never thought she'd land a hot guy like GAVIN ROSSDALE when she was a kid.  She says, quote, "I don't know if I was a nerd in high school, but I definitely wasn't the super-cute cheerleader so I never saw myself getting somebody like that.  But I do think he's quite handsome.  It's not the most important thing about him, but it is nice . . . and he makes really cute babies!"   
On her show yesterday, ELLEN DEGENERES tried to get MILA KUNIS to admit that she and ASHTON KUTCHER are married.  She avoided the question.  She did admit they don't have a nanny yet . . . but she added, quote, "When I go back to work full time and have to have 17-hour work days, I'm gonna need somebody to come and help me because I can't do both."
Like the rest of the world, Chinese people love our celebrities.  And they even give them crazy nicknames.  Here are a few of them:  Katy Perry is "Fruit Sister" . . . because she wears fruit costumes and often has giant fruit onstage. In parts of Hong Kong and China, Jennifer Lopez is known as "Lord of Butt".  You're not seriously waiting for me to explain this one, are you? Mariah Carey is "Cow Sister" . . . which is NOT a comment on her fuller figure.  In Chinese, the slang phrase "cow's vagina" means "[effing] awesome" . . . so it's a compliment.   
Here's the latest on BOBBI KRISTINA:  There's talk that she and her husband Nick Gordon never OFFICIALLY wed.  There are also rumors that the Brown and Houston sides of her family are at WAR over her care.  And there are reports saying the police DID find drugs on a second search of her home.
This actually happened last July, but the full story is now surfacing. PARIS HILTON's 20-year-old brother CONRAD was arrested for throwing a tantrum on a plane, threatening flight attendants, claiming he could get his father to fire them, and smoking pot in the bathroom.  At one point he fell asleep, and the captain had crew members handcuff him to his seat.
Bruce Jenner’s mom confirmed that her son is transitioning into a woman. Esther Jenner said she recently learned that Bruce is going to become a woman and says she’s never been more proud of him. She added, “I support him whole-heartedly. I just love him like I always have.”

2/3/15 Rihanna making Leo Get in Shape

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015
The two dancing sharks who stole KATY PERRY's Super Bowl Halftime Show have been identified.  They're two of Katy's regular backup dancers.  And one of them is the reason Katy is feuding with TAYLOR SWIFT . . . because she stole him from Taylor a few years ago.   
RIHANNA has reportedly been hooking up with LEONARDO DICAPRIO for a while now.  And while most women would be happy to have just gotten that far, this is Rihanna we're talking about. A source says she's making Leo SHAPE UP, because he's, quote, "flabbier than her usual lovers." And it sounds like Leo kind of DIGS being bossed around. The source adds, quote, "Leo thinks it's all highly amusing.  He's never had a girl tell him what to do, so you can imagine how much he's loving it.  She wants him to get a six-pack." But it goes both ways . . . because Rihanna made a promise to him regarding HER body . . . quote, "Leo asked her to promise [not to get another tattoo] until she falls in love again."
In a Twitter Q&A for T-Mobile, KIM KARDASHIAN was asked who she'd like to take a selfie with, if she could choose anybody.  She said, quote, "My dad.  Or Jesus.  Or Marilyn Monroe.  I can't decide."
NFL Hall of Famer and "Dancing with the Stars" runner-up WARREN SAPP was arrested yesterday morning in Phoenix, and charged with soliciting a prostitute and assault.  He was in town to cover the Super Bowl for the NFL Network . . . but after his arrest, they fired him.
WHITNEY HOUSTON'S 21-year-old daughter BOBBI KRISTINA seemed on the verge of dying after nearly drowning in a bathtub on Saturday . . . and some people were saying it would be a MIRACLE if she recovered. Well, her condition has improved A LITTLE.  Sources tell TMZ that the swelling on her brain has gone down . . . she's been able to move her eyes . . . and the oxygen levels in her brain have increased.  It's still touch-and-go, though. A rep for the family says, quote, "Bobbi Kristina is fighting for her life and is surrounded by immediate family, we are asking you to honor our request for privacy during this difficult time."   

2/2/15 Bobbi Kristina Found in Tub

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Monday, February 2, 2015
  "People" magazine reported that BRUCE JENNER is indeed becoming a woman, and filming the transformation for a reality show.  The reason Bruce didn't just come right out with this at the beginning was because of his family . . . but a source says, quote, "The number one thing is they all support Bruce . . . and anything that says the opposite just isn't true."
WHITNEY HOUSTON'S 21-year-old daughter BOBBI KRISTINA was hospitalized on Saturday, after she lost consciousness and nearly drowned in a bathtub . . . just like her mother did almost exactly three years ago to the day.  The police got a search warrant, but didn't see any signs of drug or alcohol abuse.  So far it's unclear what caused her to lose consciousness. If she WAS clean, it raises questions about her mental state.  Because an accidental drowning in a bathtub seems like an UNBELIEVABLE coincidence.  Here's what we know . . . According to the police, Bobbi Kristina's husband Nick found her face-down in a bathtub on Saturday at their home in Roswell, Georgia.  She was unresponsive, so he started CPR. Then cops took over when they got there. Eventually she was revived and rushed to the hospital, but there are conflicting reports about her condition.  A source close to the family says she's stable, but an NBC affiliate in Atlanta says the police confirmed that she was put in a medically induced coma. "Entertainment Tonight" reported that she'd been placed on a ventilator . . . E! says she WASN'T placed in a coma . . . and TMZ claims she has "significantly diminished" brain function. A nurse allegedly told MediaTakeOut.com, quote, "She lost oxygen to her brain for too long . . . she's not going to be able to recover." Her dad BOBBY BROWN released a statement, but he only confirmed the hospitalization, and wouldn't comment further.  He's supposedly with her. For what it's worth, the police were called to Bobbi Kristina's home the previous weekend about a fight, but no one was home when they arrived.
In less than a week, it'll be EIGHT MONTHS since TRACY MORGAN's party bus was struck by a Walmart truck . . . and he's STILL not in great shape. Tracy was spotted in New York City on Saturday, still walking with a cane, and it looked like he was struggling.
Justin Timberlake finally confirmed that he and Jessica Biel are having a baby. Justin shared a photo of him kissing his wife's growing baby bump on Instagram on Saturday which was his 34th birthday. Justin wrote, “Thank you EVERYONE for the Bday wishes! This year, I'm getting the GREATEST GIFT EVER. CAN'T WAIT. #BoyOrGirl#YouNeverKnow#WeDontEvenKnow#WeAreTakingBets.”

1/30/15 Johnny Depp Getting Married

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Friday, January 30, 2015
  KANYE WEST says he's a better human being because of KIM KARDASHIAN and their daughter.  And that when he was acting out a few years ago, he was going through his OWN version of the "Terrible Twos" . . . because he didn't have the words or resources to do what he wanted with film and clothing.
JUSTIN BIEBER stopped by "Ellen" yesterday, and Ellen revealed she'd been asked to take part in his Comedy Central roast . . . but she REFUSED, because she doesn't like being mean to people.   
Then she asked Justin why he's subjecting himself to that, and he said, quote, "I think it's just cool to laugh at yourself.  I've done some things that might not have been the greatest. I just want to be able to laugh about it and own up to some of the things."
Johnny Depp skipped a news conference to promote his new movie, “Mortdecai", claiming that he was "attacked" by a "chupacabra."  Depp said, "I was attacked yesterday morning by a very rarely seen or experienced animal called 'chupacabra' I fought with it for hours. They're very persistent, very mean. And I'm pretty sure it came into my suitcase. I threw him off the 23rd floor. So we'll never see him again. Thank you for understanding." A chupacabra is a legendary, mythical creature that likes to drink animal blood and is rumored to live in certain parts of the Americas.
Meahwhile, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will get married in a week at his private island in the Bahamas. According to the NY Post, the two will marry in an intimate ceremony at his Little Hall’s Pond Cay island home. The guest list will include just 50 people, including Heard’s family and Depp’s children with former love Vanessa Paradis.
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