11/12/13 George Disses Russell & Leo

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


JUSTIN BIEBER claimed he'd come down with food poisoning over the weekend, but vowed to go forward with his show in Buenos Aires Sunday night.  And he kept that promise . . . sort of. Yes he took the stage, but he quit less than an hour into the show because he wasn't feeling well.  He told the crowd, quote, "I wanted to come out here and give you the best show but, um, I'm not feeling too good.  I think I'm out of energy."


JENNA JAMESON retired from porn in 2008 saying she would, quote, "Never ever ever spread my legs again in this industry.  Ever."  But TMZ says she's BACK ON HER BACK to make some cash.  She recently lost her home to foreclosure, and is in court fighting TITO ORTIZ for custody of their kids.


In the new issue of "Esquire" magazine, GEORGE CLOONEY talks smack about RUSSELL CROWE, LEONARDO DICAPRIO and ASHTON KUTCHER.  He said Russell picked a fight with him several years ago for no reason . . . Leo and his crew talk smack but can't back it up on the basketball court . . . and Ashton, at least on one occasion, Tweeted without thinking first.


"Good Morning America's" AMY ROBACH was diagnosed with breast cancer . . . thanks to an on-air mammogram that she did last month.  Amy said that she'd been reluctant to be the one to do it, because she had no connection to the disease, but now credits the show with saving her life.  She also announced that she's going to be aggressive, and will have a double mastectomy.