11/16/12 LiLo's Half Sister

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Friday, November 16, 2012
Over the summer, some pictures of SELENA GOMEZ kissing another guy hit the Internet. The thing is, that "other guy" was NAT WOLFF . . . her co-star in a movie called "Parental Guidance". And the kiss was part of the movie.  --So no harm no foul, right? Not necessarily. There's word that JUSTIN BIEBER was FURIOUS when he saw those photos . . . and they were pretty much the beginning of the end of the relationship. --Meanwhile . . . TMZ says Selena wants NOTHING to do with Justin. Yes, they met up Sunday, but they did NOT get back together. --And now she's blocking her phone numbers and other devices so he can't contact her.
LINDSAY LOHAN has a 17-year-old half-sister. Her dad MICHAEL took a paternity test on some British talk show, after the girl and her mom claimed he was her father. And he WAS.
This situation just gets more ridiculous and pathetic by the day. The children of "Octomom" NADYA SULEMAN are releasing a Christmas song today, called "I'm Ready for Christmas". And they even have a name: THE ROCTUPLETS. --Nadya actually has 14 kids. Her octuplets are obviously the NUCLEUS of the group. But five of the other six kids are featured on the single.