11/21/13 Chris Brown Kicked Out of Rehab

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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Sources say that KIM KARDASHIAN dropped 80-GRAND on various procedures to lose her baby weight.  And KANYE WEST, whose mother died getting plastic surgery in 2007, has BANNED her from getting anything else done.  But Kim denies it.  She says, quote, "This is false . . . I work out so hard and this was such a challenge for me but I did it . . . no one will take this away from me with fake reports."


CHRIS BROWN didn't leave rehab willingly earlier this month.  He was KICKED OUT, after throwing a rock through the window of HIS MOTHER'S CAR. His mom was there for a family counseling session, and Chris got mad because she was trying to convince him to stay for extended anger management treatment.  So he freaked out and busted her car window. So Chris was hauled back into court yesterday, and the judge ordered him to enter a live-in anger management facility for 90 DAYS.  He'll have to be drug-tested while he's there.


"Life & Style" magazine says that LINDSAY LOHAN suffers from achondro-plasia-phobia . . . which is the FEAR OF LITTLE PEOPLE.  A so-called source say Lindsay had a major anxiety attack a few years ago when she saw two little people, and had to take a pill to calm herself down.  Lindsay's rep says this isn't true, and she, quote, "loves all people."


JENNIFER LAWRENCE did some OVER-SHARING on last night's "Letterman" about a medical problem she had recently.  She said, quote, "I just had this really bad pain for, like, three weeks.  And you know you can only [poop] your pants so many times a day before you go to the emergency room, before you're like 'I need to go to the hospital.'"