11/4/13 Justin Bieber in Whorehouse

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Monday, November 4, 2013


JUSTIN BIEBER was spotted leaving a WHOREHOUSE in Rio de Janeiro on Friday.  He was trying to hide under a blanket.  He and a friend brought some girls with them back to his hotel.  The following night he ended a concert early after someone hit him with a water bottle.


As a rights-holder to KURT COBAIN'S estate, COURTNEY LOVE has a certain amount of power.  Power that she's apparently NOT using to her best advantage. She says, quote, "I still get hit on by guys because they want to be cast in that Kurt Cobain biopic that's been in production for years. I could give you some [actors'] names that would blow your mind, but I am so not sleeping with someone under 38."


KENDALL JENNER turned 18 yesterday . . . and the PORN OFFERS are already rolling in.  According to TMZ, at least SIX companies are offering Kendall BIG MONEY to become famous the way her big sister KIM KARDASHIAN did. One company, Bangyoulater.com, is offering $1.8 MILLION for Kendall and a partner of her choosing to get it on for them.


Several celebrities were at Los Angeles International Airport Friday when a 23-year-old man opened fire, including James Franco, Nick Jonas, Jimmy Johnson, Julie Newmar and two guys from "Mythbusters".  A TSA officer was killed and two people were wounded, but none of the celebrities were injured.