11/8/12 Kirstie Alley Opens Up Again

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Thursday, November 8, 2012
On the "Today" show yesterday, SAVANNAH GUTHRIE asked KRISTEN STEWART if she's back together with ROBERT PATTINSON. And even though we all know she is, she wouldn't admit it. --She said, quote, "Funny you mention that. I'm going to just let people watch whatever little movie they think our lives are. Keep 'em guessing, I always say." 
There have been rumors about JOHN TRAVOLTA'S sexuality for a while now, but they really ramped up this year. Well, KIRSTIE ALLEY would like you to know they're CRAP. --In an interview with BARBARA WALTERS that'll air on "20/20" tomorrow night, Kirstie says, quote, "I know John. With all my heart and soul, he's not gay. --I think it's some weird way, in Hollywood, if someone gets big enough and famous enough, and they're not out doing drugs and they're not womanizing, what do you say about them? I think people think that's the supreme insult, 'He's gay.'" --In fact, Kirstie calls John, quote, "The greatest love of my life." --She says they fell in love while making the 1989 movie "Look Who's Talking" . . . and, quote, "it took everything that I had, inside, outside, to not run off and marry John and be with John for the rest of my life." --Kirstie was still married to PARKER STEVENSON at the time, but John was single. He didn't marry KELLY PRESTON until 1991.
14-year-old "Modern Family" actress ARIEL WINTER has been removed from her home amid allegations that her mother has been physically and emotionally abusing her. Last month, Ariel's older sister filed a petition for custody. Twenty years ago, SHE had been removed from her mother's custody due to similar allegations. Ariel's mother denies these claims. A hearing is scheduled for the 20th of this month.
A lot of people watching ABC's Election Night coverage came to the conclusion that DIANE SAWYER was HAMMERED.  --But a source says Diane wasn't drunk . . . she was TIRED . . . quote, "To be very clear, she absolutely wasn't drunk, but she was extremely tired from an exhausting work schedule. --Diane often jokes that she doesn't need a lot of sleep and is always extremely professional. She worked all weekend preparing for the election and covering the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy."
Some strangely observant "X Factor" fans have noticed that BRITNEY SPEARS has been wearing some sort of device in her ear during the live shows . . . and some people think it could be a sign that the producers are FEEDING HER LINES. --But reps for Britney and the show say it's just a "noise reduction" device . . . that deadens the sound of the crowd behind her. A so-called "insider" says, quote, "[She] seems to have sensitivity to loud sounds." --That special "sensitivity" might explain why none of the other judges have an earpiece, but it doesn't account for why she only has it in ONE EAR.