1/21/13 LiLo Refuses Plea Deal

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Monday, January 21, 2013
BARBARA WALTERS was hospitalized Saturday night after she fell on some stairs and hit her head. But she will probably be okay. --One of her ABC News bosses says, quote, "Out of an abundance of caution, she went to the hospital to have her cut tended to, have a full examination and remains there for observation. --Barbara is alert (and telling everyone what to do), which we all take as a very positive sign."
OPRAH WINFREY'S interview with LANCE ARMSTRONG did exactly what she hoped it would: It inspired people to watch her network. On Thursday night, 4.3 million people pulled up their cable guides to find OWN.
Lindsay Lohan is confident that she'll beat her lying-to-cops car crash case -- so confident that she's refusing to accept a plea deal that would keep her out of jail. --According to TMZ, the prosecutors were willing to let Linds plead no contest and agree to six months of lockdown rehab, but the star isn't interested because she says she's innocent. The cops don't feel the same way. Law enforcement sources believe the prosecutors have her dead to rights, because she told officer she was a passenger in the Porsche when there's overwhelming evidence she was the driver. If the case goes to trial and Lindsay is found guilty, she could face 19 months in jail.
It's back to the stripper pole for Octomom Nadya Suleman. The mother of 14, who recently went back on welfare, is set to perform at T's Lounge in West Palm Beach, Florida February 14th to the 16th for four 15-minute shows for a price of 20 thousand dollars. --Her rep says Nadya's return to stripping was part of a settlement with T's. The flack adds, "Nadya felt it would be a good place to promote her [adult] video Octomom Home Alone that has four AVN Nominations."