12/9/13 LiLo Drama

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Monday, December 9, 2013


LINDSAY LOHAN reportedly made a friend of hers beat PARIS HILTON'S brother BARRON to a pulp, after she heard Barron was talking trash about her. It happened Friday morning during a party at a Miami mansion.  The party had started Thursday night, and it was apparently a wild one, because it was DAYLIGHT when the trouble started. Sources say Lindsay heard that Barron was talking smack about her . . . so she approached him with a male friend, talked some trash, and then her friend beat him to a pulp. Police were called but Lindsay left before they showed up.  Barron posted a picture of his facial injuries online, and Paris commented, quote, "They both will pay for what they did.  No one [effs] with my family and gets away with it!!" There's been bad blood between Paris and Lindsay ever since 2006, when Paris' friend Brandon Davis went on a vile, hateful rant against Lindsay in a paparazzi video


The "New York Post" says DON RICKLES is recovering from necrotizing fasciitis . . . which is a FLESH-EATING DISEASE.  It's in his leg, and he's had to have skin grafts where infected tissue was removed. His rep says, quote, "He has been rehabbing the leg, is back on his feet and is doing wonderfully.  He is looking forward to be back on the road after the first of the year."  Don is 87.