1/8/13 Dina Lohan Causing Drama

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Tuesday, January 8, 2012
AL ROKER says he once pooped his pants . . . at the WHITE HOUSE. It was in 2002, a month after he underwent gastric bypass surgery. --He told "Dateline", quote, "I probably went off and ate something I wasn't supposed to. And as I'm walking to the press room, [I'm thinking] well, I gotta pass a little gas here. I'm walking by myself. Who's gonna know? --Only a little something extra came out. I pooped my pants. Not horribly, but enough that I knew." --So what did Al do about it? Probably what the rest of us would have done. He said, quote, "I was panicking, so I got to the restroom of the press room, threw out the underwear and just went commando." --He added, quote, "It told me that I've gotta be very vigilant as to what I eat."
DINA LOHAN has started the latest round of Lohan Family Feud, by claiming that her ex-husband MICHAEL LOHAN used to beat her up in front of a young LINDSAY. --She says, quote, "Lindsay saw her dad abuse me . . . that's why she's so screwed up. She saw a lot of crazy stuff. I want the world to know the root of her problems." --Dina also claims that Michael RAPED her in 1990. They were still married at the time, but estranged. --Michael is basically denying all this. And he says, quote, "She's bringing this up now because she's drinking and partying with Lindsay. And she keeps robbing Lindsay. She is the devil."
On "Nightline" last night, MARIAH CAREY confirmed that NICKI MINAJ threatened her on the set of "American Idol" . . . and she took it seriously enough that she hired extra security. She said, quote, "It felt like an unsafe work environment. Anytime anybody's reeling threats at somebody, you know, it's not appropriate." They've since made up . . . for now, at least.