2/21/13 Drew Carey Nipple Rings

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Thursday, February 21, 2013
Forget about the breakup rumors: RIHANNA is celebrating her 25th birthday in Hawaii . . . with CHRIS BROWN. And they were spotted cuddling and holding hands on the beach.
Anyone who's posed nude before having kids knows that someday they're going to have to explain those photos to those kids. But they usually have more than three years to prepare for that moment. --Not former "Playboy" skank KENDRA WILKINSON. Her 3-year-old son Hank Jr. has already seen one of her nudes. --She says, quote, "He sees like a naked photo of me on [his dad's] mirror in the bathroom. It's me on the beach, with my hair wet, naked for 'Playboy'. --And little Hank comes in, 'Mama what are you doing here?' I'm like, 'Mama's swimming in the ocean.' 'But, you are so dirty.' 'I'm swimming I'm swimming!'"
And now, thanks to DREW CAREY and "Us Weekly", we have A MENTAL IMAGE YOU CANNOT ERASE . . . --Drew filled out one of those "25 Things You Don't Know About Me" lists for the magazine, and #14 is: "I used to have my nipples pierced."
Lindsay Lohan borrowed a $1,750 designer dress and then returned it, but she returned it destroyed. –Lindsay wore a beaded, floor-sweeping gown by Theia to an amFAR event on February 6th in New York City. --But when she returned it the dress was half its original length. Lindsay said that the dress had ripped at a club after the fundraiser so her stylist friend went to the club bouncer and requested some scissors to repair the torn part of the dress.