2/4/13 Justin and Selena Back On?

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Monday, February 4, 2013
JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ may be back together. Selena apparently spent the night at Justin's on Friday, and was spotted leaving early Saturday morning . . . trying to keep her face hidden, of course. --Sources say they were together at a joint called the Soho House on Friday night, before heading back to Justin's house.
Here's one way to get over TAYLOR SWIFT: Celebrate your 19th birthday with a STRIPPER. That's what HARRY STYLES of ONE DIRECTION did on Friday night. --It all went down at a bar in England. NIALL HORAN and some other friends were with Harry, and the stripper was dressed as a cop. Unfortunately, they weren't in a strip club, so she couldn't get naked. But she did give him a lap dance. --Harry says, quote, "It was great. I was in stitches . . . it was really funny."
KATIE COURIC admitted on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last week that she went on a date with LARRY KING 26 years ago. But while she treated it as more of a learning experience, Larry had something else on his mind. Katie says, quote, "He lunged . . . and I started laughing a little bit because the whole situation was out of a bad Lifetime movie." She eventually told him he was "interesting" and "nice", but she should find someone her own age.
AMANDA BYNES loves her some cannabis. But does she love it too much? TMZ says Amanda is looking for a new place to live because pot-smoking is frowned upon in her current apartment building. --Amanda's landlord actually sent her a letter saying her lease is being terminated . . . because they've been getting complaints of HAPPY SMOKE coming from her apartment "morning, noon and night." --She's also been seen toking in the HALLWAYS. --Amanda had a moving van out in front of the building on Friday.