2/8/13 LiLo Back in Childhood Home

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Friday, February 8, 2013
LEONARDO DICAPRIO may be messing around with a girl half his age. Leo is 38, and he's been spotted in Miami with Victoria's Secret model BARBARA PALVIN. She's 19. Oh, and JUSTIN BIEBER may have had her first. There were rumors about the two of them after they met at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last November. And Barbara's name was thrown around as a possible reason Justin and SELENA GOMEZ broke up.
Before hooking up with KATY PERRY, JOHN MAYER was known for sharing a little too much information about his busted relationships. And it sounds like he finally understands that wasn't cool. --In an interview that'll air this weekend on "CBS Sunday Morning", he says, quote, "I was just a jerk." --He adds, quote, "It's very liberating when you finally realize it's impossible to make everyone like you. I wanted everybody to like me. I thought I was one shuck and jive away in every direction."
We knew that LINDSAY LOHAN had moved back home to New York . . . but we didn't know that "home" literally meant HOME. --Sources say Lindsay is living with her mom DINA in her childhood home . . . sleeping in her childhood bedroom. Why? Because money is tight these days. --A source says, quote, "After all that time being in the business, making money, she doesn't own a house, a car, furniture, an apartment. She has nothing to her name. It's quick money here and there [but] she blows it right away."