3/14/14 More Lohan Drama

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Friday, March 14, 2014


ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is auctioning off chances for someone to fly to Los Angeles, hang out with him for a day and crush stuff in his TANK.  All the proceeds benefit the children's charity After-School All-Stars.


JASON BATEMAN has two daughters, and he has no problem unleashing his FILTHY POTTY MOUTH in front of one of them. He tells "GQ", quote, "I tend to use as many [curse words] as I can think of.  I don't do it around my 7-year-old, but I do around my 2-year-old, because she doesn't know what the hell I'm saying yet."


Michael Lohan and his girlfriend, Kate Major, had another fight-- and this one ended with her in handcuffs for DUI. Lohan claims they were in an argument at their Florida home when she hit him multiple times in the face. He then called 911 and as cops arrived, Kate was fleeing in her car. She crashed into some bushes near the house, though, and was busted for allegedly driving intoxicated. She was reportedly still in custody and getting booked for DUI and possibly domestic battery.


The owner of a Johnny Carson sex tape filmed in the '70s is trying to the sell the tape but he's not going to make it easy for anyone. According to TMZ, the guy's lawyer has set rules for prospective buyers interested in owning the tape. First, he'll be holding a viewing party and prospective buyers must make a blind bid for a chance to view the video and their bid must be deposited into an escrow account. Then, the winning bidder must sign a document agreeing not to sell it commercially. If he or she breaks the agreement, there will be a large financial penalty.