3/27/13 Miley with Nick Jonas

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013
MILEY CYRUS and her ex, NICK JONAS, were spotted together at a Southern California restaurant on Monday. No one reported anything romantic going down . . . and Miley IS wearing the engagement ring she got from LIAM HEMSWORTH again. But people are reading more into this because Miley was the inspiration for a song Nick wrote about a guy not wanting to see his ex marry somebody else.
Justin Bieber is being investigated for battery against his neighbor in Calabasas, California. The neighbor and Biebs got into an argument and the man claims Justin made physical contact with him, so, he called the cops. --Sources say the argument was over Bieber racing his Ferrari up and down the streets and the neighbor was worried Bieber was endangering the community.
Madonna will officially join the billion-dollar club in 2013. --As of 2011, Madonna was worth about $700 million, but after her recent tour and a string of successful business ventures, she is now a BILLIONAIRE! Her 2012 MDNA tour grossed $305,158,363 with 2,212,345 in attendance over 88 shows. Madonna made $75 million in tour merchandise sales while on the road. She also made $60 million in sales from her new perfume, Truth or Dare. $10 million from her recent deal with Smirnoff. $10 million in TV rights and DVD sales from her tour. Plus, retail experts estimate Madonna will earn $10 million in 2013 from her “Material Girl” clothing line, shoe line and upcoming Macy’s lingerie line.
Lindsay Lohan’s streak of good behavior has ended after one day. She reportedly arrived two-hours late to the second day of shooting of Anger Management. An insider on the set said, quote, “She looked and sounded terrible compared to yesterday. It was like night and day. This second shoot had more lines. It will just be edited down.” --Based on the rasp of her voice, sources guessed she’d stayed up all night smoking something. Possibly she was celebrating her first day on the Anger Management set, where she was praised for her early arrival.