3/4/13 Bieber had "Worst Birthday"

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Monday, March 4, 2013
On the PBS series "Finding Your Roots", KEVIN BACON and his wife KYRA SEDGWICK found out that they're RELATED. Not, like, incest-related. They're 9th cousins once removed. --Kyra said, quote, "As long as we're not first cousins, it's fine." --Meanwhile, Kevin also found out he and BRAD PITT are 13th cousins twice removed . . . and he and PRESIDENT OBAMA are 12th cousins three times removed.
CHARLIZE THERON ballroom danced for SETH MACFARLANE at the Oscars. And that may have led to something more. Sources say they got to know each other during rehearsals, then spent a lot of time together at after-parties. --A source says, quote, "This is early, but I see a new relationship brewing." 
In the new issue of "Elle" magazine, RIHANNA talks about wanting her relationship with CHRIS BROWN to "last forever." She adds, quote, "What we want [is] a great friendship that's unbreakable. Now that we're adults we can do this right. We got a fresh start and I'm thankful for that."
JUSTIN BIEBER booked a party at a London club to celebrate his 19th birthday. As you may know, the drinking age in the U.K. is 18. But some of Justin's entourage are still younger than that, including JADEN SMITH, who was refused entry because he's only 14. So Justin and his people left the club, and Justin later Tweeted, quote, "Worst birthday."
We all know CHARLIE SHEEN thinks he can do anything. But he might be overselling himself this time . . . because he thinks he can save LINDSAY LOHAN. --Charlie says, quote, "She clearly needs a mentor, whether she wants one or not. She can continue to hang out with her dress shredding club buddies, or turn to me for some advice from a guy who's been down the road as well as every other side trail on the journey. If she listens, she'll win. If she doesn't, that's on her." --He also wants you to know that he hasn't hit that . . . quote, "I love her, I respect her, and I've never laid a finger on her that wasn't on film. How ya like me now, America?"