4/3/13 Halle Berry Goes Ballistic

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Yesterday on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", JOHN MAYER admitted that he's no longer dating KATY PERRY . . . but that's about all he'd say about it. He told Ellen, quote, "Listen, it was a very private relationship going in. It was a private relationship during, and it's a private relationship, still . . . Coupling is a tricky thing."
HALLE BERRY went BALLISTIC on the paparazzi for swarming her and her fiancé OLIVIER MARTINEZ as they were carrying her daughter Nahla through the Los Angeles airport. She even shoved a photographer, saying, quote, "Jesus! What the [eff] is wrong with you people? She's a child!" But then she had to restrain Olivier when he tried to go after the guy.
CONAN O'BRIEN crashed a wedding in Atlanta this past Saturday. It all started when one of the bridesmaids found out that Conan was staying at the same hotel where the wedding was being held.
--She Tweeted Conan an invite just for the heck of it, and he actually showed. A source says he joked around a little, did his "string dance", chatted with the bride and groom and showed them pictures of his wife and kids.
ESPN's "Outside the Lines" says that LAMAR ODOM'S cancer charity has raised $2.2 million since he started it in 2004, yet it hasn't given a DIME to cancer causes. It's mostly been used to fund two elite youth basketball travel teams. When ESPN asked Lamar about how the charity is dispersing its funds, he told them, quote, "It's my money." Lamar's wife KHLOE KARDASHIAN has frequently helped him raise money for the organization.