5/13/14 Jay Z Beat By Bey's Sister

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Here's how badly SELENA GOMEZ wants to forget about JUSTIN BIEBER:  She was shooting an Adidas commercial, and some of the guys on the crew were named Justin.  So she made them CHANGE THEIR NAMES. Not permanently, obviously . . . just while she had to work with them.  A source says, quote, "Her team asked their names be changed so she didn't have to say the name Justin . . . She's done and moving on from the broken promises and drama."


JAY Z, BEYONCÉ and her sister SOLANGE KNOWLES went to a fashion event in New York last week.  And apparently something happened at an after party that made Solange ATTACK Jay Z in an elevator. TMZ released the surveillance video, and since there's no audio, it's unclear what Solange was upset about.  But she was FREAKING OUT. She yells, lunges at Jay Z, pushes him, hits him with her arms and purse, kicks at him, and has to be restrained by a guy who looks like a bodyguard There's another woman in the elevator and it definitely looks like Beyoncé.  She mostly stays out of it, but she does step in between them. The whole thing lasts over three minutes, and you can see the bodyguard pushing buttons while he's bear-hugging Solange.  We're assuming he stopped the elevator to keep things private. She finally stops a couple minutes in, but keeps yelling.  Then when the doors open she goes at him AGAIN, before they finally get out. Supposedly it was over something Jay Z said, that she took the wrong way.  But no one's commented yet.  And the footage was leaked by hotel security.