5/27/13 Amanda Bynes Court Appearance

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Monday, May 27, 2013
Kim Kardashian is reportedly going to spend $1 million to give birth to her baby. Sources say Kim hired a top photographer to document the delivery and her first week as a new mom-- at a cost of $1,000 a day. And she and Kanye West are also planning to dish out more than $4,000 per day for a deluxe birthing suite at the hospital in Los Angeles where Kim is expected to spend at least three days. The couple also spent $25,000 on lingerie while they were in Paris because she had no intention of wearing a plain old hospital gown that’s been worn by other women.
The engagement between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth is back on.... for now. Sources say the couple was spotted making out at a party at her home in Los Angeles earlier this month. The sources say the couple and the engagement is definitely back on.
Amanda Bynes is out of jail on her own recognizance after a crazy court appearance. Amanda appeared before a judge in New York after spending the night in jail. She was wearing the same clothes -- and same wacky platinum wig -- that she had on when she was arrested.  Her story, not surprisingly, is a bit more amusing. She told the judge that it was "just a vase"  that she threw out the window of her 36th floor Manhattan apartment . . . not a bong. Which doesn't exactly explain why she threw it out the window when cops showed up. Amanda has been charged with attempted evidence tampering, reckless endangerment -- because someone could've gotten hit with the bong -- and marijuana possession. She didn't have to put up any bail money, but the judge warned her sternly not to miss her July court date.