6/14/13 LiLo Leaves Rehab

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Friday, June 14, 2013
TMZ posted some texts between FARRAH ABRAHAM and CHARLIE SHEEN. They talk about Farrah possibly scoring a gig on "Anger Management", and about meeting up when she's in town. In one text, Farrah tells Charlie she's going to a birthday party, but she warns him, quote, "There will be like pornstar people there so if [you're] not comfortable with that let me know."
Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky may have gotten married on "Full House", but in real life, JOHN STAMOS and LORI LOUGHLIN never got to hook up. And apparently that's a source of some regret for John. He says, quote, "No disrespect to her family and her husband now, [but] I would say that she could be the one that got away."
After only about a month in rehab, Lindsay Lohan has already switched rehab facilities. On Wednesday, Lindsay left Betty Ford and checked into a place called Cliffside in Malibu. But there may not have been any drama behind the switch. Sources say that Cliffside is a better fit for a 90-day program . . . which is what Lindsay has to do. And the switch was approved by both the prosecutors and the judge. One thing Lindsay supposedly wasn't getting at Betty Ford was individual therapy. It was all group.
A photographer got too close to PINK while she was changing her daughter's diaper, so Pink's husband CAREY HART and a friend confronted the guy. Carey's friend stomped on the man's foot and kicked his camera to the ground. He may have also kneed him the groin. The cops came, but Carey and his friend didn't get into any trouble.
After AMANDA BYNES called MILEY CYRUS "ugly" on Twitter, Miley diplomatically said, quote, "I was rooting for her comeback until she started attacking me." Well, it sounds like Amanda sensed a potential ally, because now she's trying to make nice. She Tweeted, quote, "Thank you for rooting for me doll! You are one of the prettiest girls! I want my nose to look like yours after my surgeries!"