6/18/13 Demi Moore Revenge

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013
"Star" magazine claims DEMI MOORE is getting "revenge" on ASHTON KUTCHER by showing her friends pictures of his manhood, and mocking it for its smallness. If you recall, back in 2003, BRITTANY MURPHY also dissed Ashton's package after they broke up.
The sex tape featuring "Girls Gone Wild" scumbag JOE FRANCIS has been purchased by Vivid Entertainment. But they're not releasing it . . . they did it as a FAVOR to him. Joe claims the tape was stolen, and instead of letting the cops handle it, the head of Vivid said he, quote, "made a decision to expedite the process and return the movie to its original owner."
How much would you pay to go on a date with 91-year-old BETTY WHITE? Because this is your chance: A "date with Betty" is being auctioned off on eBay, with the proceeds going to charity. As of last night, the current bid was $5,100. The winner will get a round-trip ticket to L.A., V.I.P. tickets to the Morris Animal Foundation Gala of Hope: An Evening with Betty White, a one-night stay at the hotel (where the event is being held) and a seat at Betty's table.
AMANDA BYNES' confounding crazy "act" continues to roll 24/7. Here's the latest: RadarOnline.com claims Amanda met with WYCLEF JEAN, and that he's producing her first single. If you haven't heard, Amanda wants to launch some sort of rap career . . . in addition to all the other crap she's doing. An "insider" says things are "moving quickly," so she can get an album out while she's still relevant.
ED HARDY . . . the guy who created the artwork for the Ed Hardy clothing line . . . is blaming JON GOSSELIN for making his line UNCOOL. He says, quote, "That Jon Gosselin thing was the nail in the coffin. That's what tanked it."