7/18/13 Brangelina Wedding Spot?

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Thursday, July 18, 2013
The Huffington Post looked at all the various "hottest women" lists that have come out this year to determine which women are showing up the most, and in the highest positions. And they determined that JENNIFER LAWRENCE is the hottest woman of 2013. She's followed by MILA KUNIS and RIHANNA.
CORY MONTEITH was cremated this week following a private viewing in his home country of Canada. His girlfriend LEA MICHELE was among the mourners, but his father Joe Monteith was not. Joe and Cory's mother Ann are divorced, and there's obviously some bad blood there. But Joe says, quote, "I always loved both my sons and am going to miss Cory very, very much. I'm saddened at the fact that I couldn't have been there to see my son before he was cremated."
JUSTIN BIEBER has yet another tattoo. This one is a woman's eye, on the inside of his left elbow. He posted a picture of it along with the caption, quote, "Mom's always watching." It's not a replica of Justin's mom's actual eye. The tattoo artist who did it says Justin wanted an eye to REPRESENT his mother's, so he showed him some sample pics he had lying around, and Justin chose the one he liked.
EMMA ROBERTS was photographed Tuesday crying into the arms of her boyfriend EVAN PETERS. That was the same day that news leaked of her arrest earlier this month for ATTACKING Peters. Meanwhile, some pictures also emerged of Emma with bruises on her legs. There's no word if they were the result of the altercation.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie could be getting married at sea. Sources say the couple is looking into getting married on a British-based luxury cruise ship. They are apparently looking at the 49-passenger Hebridean Princess which normally sails around the British Isles with a focus on Scotland.