7/2/13 Amanda Bynes Gets Crazier

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013
ALICIA SILVERSTONE has started a breast milk SHARING service for vegan moms who can't produce enough of their own. It's called Kind Mama Milk Share, and she's setting it up through her website. She says, quote, "Because we are a community of beautiful souls who recognize the importance of food as health, I say we help support those mamas and babies who need a hand during one of the most important times in their lives."
For Father's Day, KIM KARDASHIAN gave KANYE WEST a pair of computer mice autographed by Apple co-founders STEVE JOBS and STEVE WOZNIAK. Which is fitting since Kanye recently proclaimed himself the Steve Jobs of, quote, "Internet, downtown, fashion, culture. Period."
PIERCE BROSNAN'S 41-year-old daughter Charlotte has died of ovarian cancer. It's the same disease that killed Charlotte's mother and Pierce's first wife Cassandra back in 1991. Cassandra's mother also died of ovarian cancer.
Just so you know, Amanda Bynes now says someone's been invading her head. She says, quote, "I Want A Million Dollars A Year For Illegally Having My Mind Read And Privacy Stolen."
Everyone's favorite Pornstar Teen Mom, FARRAH ABRAHAM has entered an outpatient rehab program to deal with her alcohol abuse. She'll undergo 10 days of intensive counseling.