7/24/14 Britney's Lingerie Line

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Thursday, July 24, 2014


JUSTIN BIEBER was spotted in a wheelchair at Disneyland, leading people to accuse him of just using it to cut to the front of the ride lines.  But his people say he's nursing a knee injury, and Disney doesn't make him wait in lines anyway.


There is nothing you will hear today that will affect your world more than this:  North West has taken her first steps!! KIM KARDASHIAN posted a picture of herself with North, along with the caption, quote, "Our baby girl finished one week of swimming lessons today then took her 1st steps right when she got out of the pool!!!! Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you!!!! Meanwhile, the "Star" tabloid says Kim is so miserable in her marriage to KANYE WEST that she's BINGE-EATING.  And they even put a picture of Kim's increasing BACK AND ELBOW FAT on their cover.


This would have been a GOLDMINE 10 years ago.  We'll have to wait and see if it can still catch on:  BRITNEY SPEARS is releasing a line of LINGERIE, called The Intimate Britney Spears. You can see a Photoshopped picture of Britney wearing one of "her" creations on the Intimate Britney Spears Facebook page.


The media circus surrounding LEBRON JAMES' free agency created havoc in his neighborhood for about a week.  Now, for the inconvenience, LeBron has sent his neighbors an apology note . . . along with a dozen gourmet cupcakes.  That's the kind of classy thing JUSTIN BIEBER wouldn't do.