7/29/13 Amanda Bynes Latest

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Monday, July 29, 2013
As far as we know, SELENA GOMEZ and JUSTIN BIEBER are OFF at the moment. But on "Good Morning America" Friday, Selena said, quote, "He and I have had such a history together. I'll always care about him and protect him if anyone tries to be mean." --Then on Saturday, Selena celebrated her 21st birthday at a club with several friends . . . including Justin. He showed up with JADEN SMITH, and brought Selena a single red rose. Then Selena and Justin left TOGETHER at about 2:00 A.M.
Rapper DJ KHALED proposed to NICKI MINAJ in a video that aired on "MTV News". He also flashed a supposed $500,000, 10-carat ring. There's no word how Nicki feels about this. There are some reports that she actually filed a restraining order against him.
The petition AMANDA BYNES' parents filed for a conservatorship was released Friday. They say Amanda is paranoid, obsessed with body image . . . and she's burned through $1.2 million in a really short period of time. They said, quote, "We believe that a substantial amount of this money is being used to pay for marijuana and other illegal substances, and possibly for plastic surgery."
REESE WITHERSPOON reportedly treated herself to a $1,500 haircut on Saturday. She went to a high-end salon in Beverly Hills where they, quote, "treat each strand [of hair] in its own way, in order to achieve the most natural effect. ANGELINA JOLIE and SALMA HAYEK are also fans of the procedure.
Jennifer Aniston says she's in no rush to marry boyfriend Justin Theroux -- because they "already feel married." Jen says she'll walk down the aisle, quote, "when it's perfect."