7/31/14 Bieber / Bloom Latest

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Thursday, July 31, 2014


JUSTIN BIEBER fired a shot at ORLANDO BLOOM yesterday by posting a picture of Orlando wiping a tear from his eye.  It was from a Broadway premiere last year.  Meanwhile, there's a new report that Justin actually tried to shake Orlando's hand at that restaurant in Spain, but Orlando was a jerk to him, so Justin said something like, quote, "She was good" . . . and that's when things blew up.


ROBERT PATTINSON doesn't understand why everyone is so fascinated with his personal life . . . including his failed relationship with KRISTEN STEWART.  He says, quote, "[Stuff] happens, you know?  It's just young people . . . it's normal!  And honestly, who gives a [crap]?"


KELSEY GRAMMER appeared on a monitor at the parole hearing of the man who raped and murdered his sister in 1975.  And he told the killer, quote, "I forgive you.  However, I cannot give your release my endorsement.  To give that a blessing would be a betrayal of my sister's life."  His parole was denied.


DREW BARRYMORE'S half-sister Jessica was found dead in her car Tuesday morning near San Diego.  Today would have been her 48th birthday.  There was an energy drink between her legs and white pills scattered on the passenger seat. Drew and Jessica had the same father, actor John Drew Barrymore.  Drew released a statement saying she only met Jessica briefly, but, quote, "I wish her and her loved ones as much peace as possible, and I'm so incredibly sorry for their loss."


Jessica Simpson was named the world’s sexiest mom by Victoria’s Secret. They released its annual list of the most titillating people and

other winners include Zooey Deschanel for sexiest sense of humor, Jessica Biel for sexiest sporty style and Ellie Goulding for sexiest songstress.