8/13/13 Affleck's Visit to Lohan

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Pictures surfaced yesterday of JUSTIN BIEBER serenading his grandmother . . . while he was NAKED with nothing but a guitar covering his naughty bits. This went down last October at granny's house over Canadian Thanksgiving. Justin came out of his room like that to mess with everybody.
The "National Enquirer" has released the full audio of the tape MONICA LEWINSKY made for BILL CLINTON during their affair. It's basically just Monica laying out a plan for how they're going to see each other. Although at one point she suggests, quote, "I could take all my clothes off and start . . . well, I won't. Because I know you wouldn't enjoy that."
This is what you call a complete lack of self-awareness. VICTORIA BECKHAM was doing a photo shoot and interview for "Vogue" magazine in London. And during the course of the conversation, she said that her family is, quote, "much more normal than people think." As soon as she was done with "Vogue", she left for parent-teacher night for one of her kids. In a HELICOPTER.
The website Jalopnik.com says KANYE WEST just bought two SUVs that are fully-armored and cost A MILLION BUCKS EACH. The vehicle is called the Prombron, and it's made by a Latvian company called Dartz.
BEN AFFLECK met secretly with LINDSAY LOHAN while she was in rehab, but it wasn't to offer her a movie role, as some sites are reporting. Ben went to rehab himself back in 2001, so he was basically just there to offer her support and advice. Meanwhile, sources say Lindsay came out of rehab TOTALLY clean, which means she's not even taking Adderall anymore.