8/2/13 Simon Cowell Chaos

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Friday, August 2, 2013
It sounds like the SIMON COWELL baby situation is about to get ugly . . . and claims that the marriage of ANDREW and LAUREN SILVERMAN was over before she started hooking up with Simon were a bit exaggerated. According to the "New York Post", Andrew's divorce papers cite ADULTERY, as well as, quote, "cruel and inhuman treatment." And they name Simon as a "co-respondent" . . . which means he could be called to testify during the proceedings. Whether there was trouble in the marriage or not, sources are now saying Lauren and Andrew were NOT estranged, and Andrew definitely wasn't expecting this. Andrew's brother Alexander Silverman even told the "Post", quote, "It is an unbelievable story of betrayal. It is a sad story and a tragic story." Some of Lauren's other friends agree that she and Andrew weren't estranged, and add that Lauren is a GOLD-DIGGER who got fetused by Simon ON PURPOSE.
SIMON COWELL was reportedly blindsided by the news that he had impregnated 36-year-old LAUREN SILVERMAN. And he's wondering if he got taken for a ride. A source says, quote, "The pregnancy has taken him by surprise. He assumed she was using birth control. Simon thought this was a casual relationship . . . friends with benefits. The pregnancy was not planned." "He is feeling tricked. No question that Simon will want to be part of the baby's life, but I'm not so sure he wants to be part of Lauren's."
AMANDA BYNES lost her bid for freedom yesterday. In a hearing that took place in the hospital psych ward, a judge decided that Amanda is NOT ready to be released just yet. Mostly because she isn't totally stable yet, and her condition hasn't been formally diagnosed. But sources say the meds Amanda is on ARE helping. For instance, she's no longer talking to herself or insulting people.
JAMIE LEE CURTIS was involved in a car accident yesterday in Venice, California . . . and for some reason she called JODIE FOSTER for help. Jamie was a passenger in an SUV that hit a BMW. She was taken to a hospital, but she only suffered minor injuries. But for some reason, the first call Jamie made after the accident was to Jodie . . . who showed up almost immediately.
LINDSAY LOHAN got right back to work yesterday, taping her guest-hosting stint on "Chelsea Lately". (It airs this coming Monday night.) Sources say she arrived on time and was great from rehearsals through the entire taping. She even nailed her monologue in one take, and joked about herself by saying she'd just been on a "90-day court-ordered vacation."
Megan Fox is "expecting her second child with her husband Brian Austin Green." They've been married since since 2010 and welcomed son Noah Shannon on Sept. 27, 2012.