8/8/14 Orlando Bloom with Blonde Beauty

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Friday, August 8, 2014


Apparently, MILEY CYRUS gives fans their money's worth when they pay $995 for meet-and-greets before her concerts.  There's a picture online of one guy cupping Miley's boobs, and she's totally going along with it.  She also pretended to make out with him.


DAKOTA JOHNSON does NOT want her mom MELANIE GRIFFITH seeing her get SEXUALLY DOMINATED in "Fifty Shades of Grey".  Melanie says, quote, "[Dakota] was like, 'You guys cannot come.  There's no way.'  So we're not going."  But she adds, quote, "I did see the Room of Pain . . . I did go in there and check it out."


We're always hearing divorce rumors about BARBRA STREISAND and JAMES BROLIN.  But this is the first time they've involved KIM KARDASHIAN. The "National Enquirer" says Barbra is FURIOUS after finding out James was staring at Kim at a party in the Hamptons.  To make matters worse, he and Barbara were in the Hamptons to celebrate their 16th anniversary.


Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber, and then met a babe. Bloom was spotted partying with a 20-year-old Swedish beauty in Ibiza just days after the Bieber brawl. Orlando was seen getting up, close and personal with the hot blonde, laughing and dancing together . They took a ride on a jetski, and later danced on the beach as the sun set.