9/13/13 Khloe Gets Tested

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Friday, September 13, 2013
Rumor has it KHLOE KARDASHIAN got tested for STDs after LAMAR ODOM admitted that he'd been unfaithful . . . and didn't always use protection. A source says Khloe has proof he cheated with at least FIVE other women because she had hired a private investigator. And it could cost him if they divorce, because there's an infidelity clause in their prenup.
NICOLE KIDMAN got knocked to the ground in New York City yesterday by a paparazzi scumbag on a bicycle. She was on her way into a hotel when the photographer came flying down the sidewalk at about 20 miles an hour, trying to get a shot of her. But he lost control of the bike, crashed into her, and they both went down. The guy got a ticket, probably for riding on the sidewalk.
Remember one-time reality show dad Jon Gosselin? Well he has taken a job waiting and bussing tables at a pub in Pennsylvania. Jon starred on “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” but is now living off the grid in a cabin, and struggling to pay the rent. He is also dealing with a lawsuit from his ex, Kate Gosselin, centered around his involvement in a tell-all book published about her.