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My Mom's Funny Story

Happy Mothers day from Kroger and 97.5 WQBE
The following stories havmom a dozen roses from Kroger, along with
a delicious Cake and Hallmark card for Mother's Day!
Don't forget your Mom this Sunday. 


This one is from Tammy Withrow from Charleston....

My parents were members of the Moose. This was back when they had to wear
formals. My mother was pretty nieve. They were going out one night and she
was getting dressed and we were talking about how she would like to have some
people of the Moose come to the house for a swimming party. I told her that
she should ask them all up to go skinny dipping. She asked me what that was
and I told her it was a new way to say swimming party. The next morning we
got up and there was formals all over the yard. She had came home and went to
bed so she had not idea what had happened. My Dad told me she got up on stage
and invited the whole Moose to go skinny dipping. We were all laughing and
she said well it's ok if they go swimming in the pool. My Dad proceded to
tell her what skinny dipping really was. She chased me around that yard for
about an hour.

My mother has been dead for 20 years now, but I just wanted to share this

This letter is from  Shane Adkins about his Mom - Sandrea Adkins

Several years ago my dad came home for Mothers Day. W304hen he walked in to
the house he had a pillowcase with some thing in it. He put the pillowcase
in his moms water bed. His mother (my grandmother) went upstairs and found
the pillowcase and thought that he had bought her a Mother's Day gift . She
decided to peek to see what he had bought her and to her suprise there was a
very large snake. She ran down stairs, not touching a stair to scream for
help. When she asked her son why he had done that he said that he needed to
keep his snake warm.

 This note is from Leslie about her mom Tomasa Harriston
A few years ago I bought my Mom a cruise for Christmas.  I told her she 
should go to the tanning bed a few times before she left.  She went a couple 
of times, but then called me to tell me that she couldn't see a result, and 
she didn't understand why I complained about getting so hot in there.  She 
had been laying in the tanning bed WITHOUT TURNING IT ON.  Bless her heart, 
she never even realized that the lights weren't on.

 This note is from Kim Gibson about her mom Yvonne Miller

It started with My mother and my Aunt Margaret they were out joy riding in
the country when a farmer had turned his beagles loose to run and play and he was
sitting on the porch stringing beans when my mother and aunt drove by, my mom was
driving and accidentaly ran over one of the beagles, feeling really bad she
backed the car up to tell him she was sorry and then ran over the other one, the
poor man never even looked up.....she really felt bad, she came home and told
my dad the story and he thought it was really funny and he told that story for years
and would laugh and laugh...

 This note is from  Rita Reed about her mom Ruby Hendricks

My mother was riding in the car with my sister, Dianna....they drove by the
PINK mother told my sister she would like to stop by the pink pony
some sister was shocked and asked my mother why she wanted to go to
the Pink Pony....She told my sister she loved ice cream and would like to try
the ice cream at this new place...My Mother thought the Pink Pony was an Ice
Cream Parlor....We still tease my Mother about this one and I'm sure she will
never hear the end of that one....any time we go by the pink pony, we always
ask Mom if she would like to stop and get some ice cream....she no longer
thinks this is funny....

This letter is from Brad Ferguson about his mom Dianna

Last year at my bday party , my mom had lots of fun games except one. We
couldnt snow board or sleigh ride because it was in JULY hot hot hot . The
guest made a bet that mom couldnt get the sled to go down a huge dry hill.
Mom said I will make that bet, so after hooking the water hose up, and using
(spam) cooking sray ,she decided to use a whole bottle of vegie "OIL". It
worked so well mom couldnt stop at the bottom of the hill and crashed into
the porch....She scrapes and bruises. Sooooooooooooo funny we have pictures
of all the kids and mom sleding down a huge dry hill in july...... That was
the funniest party ever.

This note if from Chet Jordan and his mom is Chrys Jordan

This story begins in November of 2007. My family and I went on a cruise on to Mexico. Being under 21 and unmarried, the rooms were set up to be me with my father and my guest with my mother, which we switched upon arrival. When my guest's luggage came to my parent's room, she and I went to pick it up. Upon return to our room, my luggage had was delivered to us at which time the orderly told us that my father's luggage had been taken to the 1st floor and we needed to go pick it up. At this point, my mother, my sister, and I decided to go pick it up while everyone else settled in. Upon arrival on the first floor, we were greeted by a guard who took us to the guard's station to retrieve my father's luggage. Once at the guard station, we were informed that something that was a potential security threat had set off the sensors that scanned all luggage and the guard asked permission to search my father's luggage. With permission granted and putting on needle gloves, the guard begins checking my father's luggage. Suddenly, a smirk comes across his face as he raise an item dangling it between his first finger and thumb as he says "I believe this is the problem". My father, being the prankster, had put a pair of fuzzy handcuffs in his luggage which were promptly confiscated. He informed us we could pick them up at the end of the cruise but could not release them due to safety issues. But it gets worse. We took his luggage back to the third floor, trying to fight our way through the crowd of people searching for their own rooms as this all took place before we ever left the port. Suddenly, in that crowded hallway, the guard comes running toward us waving a paper and shouting "Mrs. Jordan!!! Mrs. Jordan!!! You forgot the invoice to get your fuzzy handcuffs back!!!"

Needless to say she was quite embarrassed. Still to this day, we give her a hard time and laugh about the trip that she had to retrieve the fuzzy handcuffs.


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