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iCHS is West Virginia's first High School iPhone Based App supporting mobile resources for the diverse student population at Capital High School. Here on iCHS students can port directly to websites such as, or, two essential websites which show everything from recent school news to grade changes. iCHS also supports a full navigator application, powered by Google Maps, which they can use in Geography and History classes, along with other important inside Capital High bookmarks, such as Bell Schedules and a Quick Google-Powered Search. iCHS will be updated frequently as more mobile resources are suggested by student and teachers. The '09-'10 Computer Science and Webdesign Team at Capital High School is the reason why all this is possible. The 8th period class updates the School's website, RSS feed, and now the official iPhone app of Capital High School, iCHS.
Lead Programmer, Designer & Testing - Cory Dobson
Editor & Instructor-Robert Haddy

Kenny Chesney Superbowl 2011

Kenny Chesney would love to do the halftime at next years Superbowl. Join this Facebook page and let's see if we can get things started!!
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New Snow Shovel

If you know how to use a seesaw, then you can Wovel. The Wovel works on the principle of leverage. "Give me but one firm spot in which to stand," Archimedes declared 2,200 years ago," and I will move the earth." The Wovel gives you the power of leverage to safely move more snow in less time with greater ease then ever before. Here's how:
Simply stand behind your Wovel and hold the handles at their widest comfortable points. Place the front edge of the Wovel blade on the surface you want to wovel. Push your Wovel forward to fill your blade with snow. When you have collected the comfortable amount of snow, lift the blade off the ground by pushing down slightly on the handle. Walk your Wovel to where you want to throw the snow. To throw snow most effectively, step forward while pushing down quickly and firmly on the handle. The snow will release from the blade easily.


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